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AC drive, 1/2Hp, 2.6A, 220V 1 or 3 Phase (X200-004NFU)

Item Discontinued. Recommended replacement:

WJ200-004SF (1 phase)  — 1/2hp,230V,1 PHASE,FREQUENCY INVERTER


WJ200-004LF (3 phase)— 1/2,3/4HP,230V,3 PHASE INVERTER

Hitachi’s new X200 Mirco Drive series, rated 1/2HP 2.6A, input 200-240 VAC 1 or 3 phase.

Powerful feature set:

  • Contactor Form Factor
  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Improved Trip Avoidance Function
  • Built in timing logic
  • Automatic Energy-Saving Function
  • Sink/Source Selectable Inputs
  • Instantaneous Power Failure Recovery
  • Automatic carrier frequency reduction
  • RS485 Modbus/RTU Standard
  • RoHS Compliant


X200 Series Brochure

X200 Instruction Manual NT301XC

X200 Quick Reference Guide NT3011XB

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