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AC drive, 1/2-3/4Hp, 2.6A, 115VAC 1 Phase (L100-004MFU2)

Hitachi L100M Micro Drive Series, rated 1/2 – 3/4 HP, 2.6A, input 100-115 VAC 1 phase, 230VAC output

Discontinued. Replaced by the following WJ200-004MF

  • Easy operation and setup by integrated keypad-standard
  • Enhanced remote keypad and PC-based configuration software compatible
  • Intelligent terminal system
  • 16 stage multi speed operation
  • Auto restart and stall prevention
  • PID control standard


L100 Specifications

L100 Instruction Manual NB576XE

L100 Service Manual

L100-MFU2 Series Supplement Manual NBZ574XB

L100 Quick Reference Guide NB5412XD

L100-MFU2 Quick Reference Guide NB5741XD

L100 200 V Class External Dynamic Braking Table

L100 400 V Class External Dynamic Braking Table