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Finder Relay

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Finder Relay, DPDT, 10A, 120VAC, Push Test, Flag
Finder General Purpose relay, DPDT 10Amp, 12Vdc coil
Finder Relay, DPDT, 10A, 24VDC, Push Test, Flag
Finder Relay, 3PDT 10A, 120VAC, Push to test, Mech. flag
Finder General Purpose relay, 3PDT 10Amp, 240Vac coil
Finder Relay 3PDT 10A, 24VDC, Push to test, Mech. Flag
Plug-In Power Relay, DPDT 15A , 120V AC coil, AgCdO contact, lockable test button & mech. Indicator
Finder Relay, 3PDT, 16A, 24VAC
Finder Relay, 3PDT 16A 120VAC, push to test, Mech. flag
Finder Plug-In Power Relay, 3PDT 15A , 24V DC coil
Finder power relay 30A 2pole, 24vac coil
Finder Power relay, 2NO, 30A, 1HP @ 120Vac, 120vac coil